For over 20 years, we have welcomed

young riders and horse lovers from all over the country to a summer of horse education and new friends.

We now have two alternatives for our camp program:
Resident Camp and Day Camp.

Summer Horse Camp

We now have two alternatives for our camp program:  Resident Camp and Day Camp.

At Resident Camp, campers arrive on Sunday afternoon, enjoy an orientation program, dinner

and some fun  with the ranch animals.

At Day Camp, campers come Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Our goal for our students has always been to teach our campers as much as we can
about the care of horses and how to ride while having fun in the
process of learning.

Resident camp includes bunkhouse accommodations, all meals, daily
lessons and pleasure riding from Sunday afternoon through Saturday.

Day camp includes daily lessons beginning each day (Monday through
Friday) at 9:00 AM and pick-up at 4:00 PM. Campers bring their own lunch and beverage.

Summer Camp Dates 2023: Resident Camp Weeks beginning 5/14-5/20, 5/21-5/27,  6/25-7/1
 Day Camp  Weeks beginning 6/5-6/9, 6/12-6/16, 7/3-7/7

Available for all campers are the following: riding boots, half chaps and helmets.

Age Requirements: Resident Camp, 8 thru 15.
Day Camp, 6 thru 15.

Cost: Resident Camp $900.00
Day Camp $450.00

To enroll in either camp, we require a completed application and a non-
refundable deposit of $400.00 for Resident Camp and a $200.00
deposit for Day Camp. The balance of the tuition is due the day camp begins.

For additional info and reservations,

Call Royal Horse Ranch  918-257-4195